A Handful of Interesting Newsclips

This is in today's Boston Globe: "Hillary Strangelove"

"AMERICANS have learned to take with a grain of salt much of the rhetoric in a campaign like the current Democratic donnybrook between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Still, there are some red lines that should never be crossed. Clinton did so Tuesday morning, the day of the Pennsylvania primary, when she told ABC's 'Good Morning America' that, if she were president, she would 'totally obliterate' Iran if Iran attacked Israel. This foolish and dangerous threat was muted in domestic media coverage. But it reverberated in headlines around the world."

This is on Yahoo News: "Lying? Your face will give you away"

"Liars might think they are good at covering up their deceit but a new Canadian study shows there's one thing they can't control that will give them away -- flashes of emotion in their faces. Researchers at Dalhousie University's Forensic Psychology Lab in Halifax conducted the first detailed study on the secrets revealed when people put on a false face or inhibit various emotions, and found their faces told the truth."

This is from the Huffington Post: "How Boring Jobs Make Us Dumber"

"Are you bored at work right now? Perhaps the reason you're reading this is because you're bored at work right now. And if that's the case, there's good news and bad news. First, the bad: Boring jobs turn our mind to autopilot, say scientists - and it means we can seriously mess up some simple tasks.
Monotonous duties switch our brain to 'rest mode,' whether we like it or not, the researchers report in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. They found mistakes can be predicted up to 30 seconds before we make them, by patterns in our brain activity."

Also from the Huff Post: "What Your Sleep Position Says About You"

"Do you know what position you regularly take up in bed when you drop off to sleep? According to veteran sleep researcher, Dr. Samuel Dunkell, the position you choose in bed each night echoes the way you deal with your daytime waking hours. Invariably, you often sleep as you live. These chronic sleep positions can affect your sleep - positively and negatively.
A highly private matter, choice of sleep position, the theory goes, gives insight not only into sleep patterns, sleep history, and sleep difficulties but also personality traits and those of your sleep partner's. And yes, it can even delve into hidden subconscious secrets buried in your relationship."

One more from the HP: "You Are What You Eat? No, You Eat What You Are!"

"Okay, so before you think I have totally gone off the deep end now, I will explain myself. I am big, big, big, into the idea, scratch that, no absolute conviction that to eat well for your life, you need to really know yourself. No, I am not talking deep, soulful existential, what kind of philosopher are you into, kind of knowing yourself, we can get a bit more basic here. I am talking, know yourself like: Do you know when you are hungry or full? Tired or Sick? Do you know what you FEEL like eating most times? (Mushy, comfort food vs. crunchy salad? A heavy steak with fries for the salty taste vs. a lighter, fish and veggies meal?) Are you aware of the subtle gradations and shifts from starving to stuffed, or tired to sick from exhaustion?"

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