Clarence Thomas Stands Up for the Right to Strip Teenagers Naked!

Yep! Thomas, the right wing Bush, Sr. appointee, was the 1 in the 8-1 decision making it illegal for school officials to strip teenagers. Here's an excerpt from a piece by Andrew Bergman on the matter:

"Hats off to Justice Clarence Thomas for his courageous stand on behalf of school officials' right to strip teenagers naked in an effort to find prescription pills. This great man has more than justified George H.W. Bush's faith in his character, dignity, and wisdom. Hopefully, one day school administrators will be free to strip all children bare-ass naked each and every morning, perhaps during the Pledge of Alliance and the Prayers to God, so that parents can rest assured that pills of any sort will be kept out of class, not to speak of the weapons of mass destruction that could easily make their way through our nation's school doors. Is it too much to suggest that with the Republican Party in such a moral wasteland with the activities of Messrs. Ensign and Sanford, that its leaders look to Justice Thomas to lead them back to the promised land in 2012?"

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