This may have to be the start of a new column, like the one I ran last year - "HOW STUPID ARE WE?" (Sorry Rick, but like Forest Gump's mother said, "Stupid is as stupid does.")

Anyway, here's a breaking headline from our nation's sexually repressed capital:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a high school's strip search of an Arizona teenage girl (as in 13 years old!)accused of having prescription-strength ibuprofen was illegal. The court ruled 8-1 on Thursday that school officials violated the law with their search of Savana Redding in the rural eastern Arizona town of Safford. Redding, who now attends college, was 13 when officials at Safford Middle School ordered her to remove her clothes and shake out her underwear because they were looking for pills - the equivalent of TWO ADVILS!!!

Now, here's the uncomfortable question I'm asking you - do really think that no part of this was about making a teenage girl get completely naked in front of an intruding adult? Are you kidding me?!

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