Last year, I wrote a piece called, "SAY IT: RACISM IS A PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER." My point in that blog entry, and in several others I've written on related subjects, is that until we call things what they actually are, and stop acting like every extreme, retrogressive, moronic, or hate-and-fear-filled paranoid delusion is just another point of view or political position, we will not be rid of the violence recently inflicted on Dr. George Tiller and others.

The ludicrously self-labeled "pro-lifers" who are calling Dr. Tiller's murderer a hero are psychiatrically, clinically insane, no less so than the lunatic who shot up innocent people at the Holocaust Museum in Washington 2 days ago, killing a man. They are not part of any social or political movement, folks! These barely human beings are terrified of anyone who appears different from them, they are terrified of sex and sexuality, of the feminine side of emotional life, of women having control over their own bodies, etc. TRAGIC AND IRONIC, these same "pro-lifers" by a vast majority support torture and executions and preemptive war as public policy. Hello?!

To that point, people who are rabid about having no restrictions on gun ownership are not of a particular philosophical mindset about the Second Amendment's meaning. They are people who want to reserve their personal option to kill, including and especially, if it is felt to be necessary for their delusional fantasies, with automatic assault weapons that can kill a lot of people in seconds.

Keep going? Sure.

Politicians and corporate executives who rail on about how we don't need any government regulation of businesses or the markets aren't "Free-Market, Trickle-Down, Supply-Side" advocates because they believe it's best for the economy and most people in the country. It's because they are pathologically greedy psychopaths and sociopaths.

Religious zealots aren't individuals who are spiritually connected to a loving God and want to spread the "good news" that we are all loved and all one. They are childish, repressed, control freaks battling with their own homosexual and pedophilic impulses in so many cases.

We are allowing the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan to perversely "entertain" the pathologically bored by displaying their madness over our mass media and not insisting that they receive some kind of treatment before they can have access to the airwaves that they are polluting.

This is a country with a constitution that guarantees that anyone can say almost anything they want to say publicly, as long as it doesn't directly incite violence or harm others exercising their same constitutional rights. That is a good thing. But if we don't at least start by being honest and calling things by their accurate name, we will stay stuck in the cycles of violence, greed and dysfunction that we all suffer from. HELLO?!

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