Thanksgiving is here again. It is a wonderful state of being, gratitude, but in our masked world of elaborately designed character structures, how many of us actually know that gratitude is not an action you can take, is not something you can do. No, gratitude, like love and forgiveness, is an organic, spontaneous place you can only arrive to - when you've cleared out the ego-driven negativity, neediness and impulses to control others inside of yourself, which is something you can do.

I've written often on the FPL blog that when you love yourself, you can't help but love others. You don't even have to try. You are in a natural state of lovingness, which isn't necessarily romantic or altruistic, by the way. And when you have become aligned with your Higher Self, you also can't help but feel grateful and forgiving, which, by the way again, doesn't mean subjecting yourself to the lower vibrations of certain family members and friends who are still playing the 3D version of physical life, especially on the appointed holidays of 3D culture.

So, rather than giving thanks today, folks, I recommend experiencing gratitude - for whatever it is that you are genuinely grateful for already!

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eric said...

Yes, I agree! 'Tis far more important to experience, an act of ownership of self, than to give thanks to something outside yourself, your Greater Self. I like the twist a friend of mine has taken on the notion of holiday itself. If you like please check out and read the entry "The Perfect Gift".
Happy Thanksexperiencing Day!


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