As I watched the footage of Hurricane Sandy's devastation to the Jersey Shore this week, I was struck by a surreal image of the Seaside Heights amusement park and boardwalk, which was basically wiped out by the storm.

In my childhood and youth, Seaside Heights was where I spent several family vacations, and even some vacations in young adulthood. The memories of body surfing, walking barefoot into town to buy comic books, eating buckets of steamers on the boardwalk and crabbing at midnight off the pier with Grandpa Pete have been held in my consciousness in a golden light throughout the years.

Through the many years of self-work since those days, I have let go of "my past" as a determining influence on my present, and come to understand that the "past as prologue" idea is just that - an idea. Furthermore, as a line of reality, the past only exists to the degree that I continued to create it, and even at that, the past could be changed from my perspective in the present. And the more my focus and attention is on the here and now, the less real the past becomes.

So, when I saw the literal disappearance of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, I understood clearly that outer reality, as such, does indeed follow inner reality. My past was not only gone inside of me, but in my outer line of reality as well. I have written about this phenomenon regarding people in our lives who "disappear" (See my FPL piece: "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO..." HERE), and it only stands to reason that places that are no longer of a relevant vibration to us individually or collectively, will also become "whatever happened to's."

Now, don't get up in arms and misunderstand the implications of what I'm saying here. I'm not blithely dismissing any person, place or thing disappearing when it no longer serves us as a throw-away comment. It's a big deal. But... we create our own reality at every level, individually and collectively, so yes, in my reality, just as in yours, people, places and things will "vanish" from your line of reality as their vibrations no longer match yours. However, that does not mean that said people, places and things don't continue on in another parallel line of reality.

You see, it is an exquisite dance, an amazing choreography, how individual reality and collective reality dovetail perfectly such that every detail of everyone's creations serves and supports everyone else's.

So fear not, if you still desire to have the Seaside Heights boardwalk in your reality, it will be rebuilt.

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