Thought I'd repost this from last year, when Mayor Bloomberg's City Council voted to ban smoking in New York City's parks, beaches and Times Square.

This is from December 2011:

According to the newest surgeon general's report on smoking, even one cigarette is too many. Lung cancer is what people usually fear from smoking, and yes, that can take years to strike. But Thursday's SG report says there's no doubt that tobacco smoke begins poisoning immediately – as more than 7,000 chemicals in each puff rapidly spread through the body to cause cellular damage in nearly every organ.

"That one puff on that cigarette could be the one that causes your heart attack," said Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. Or the one that triggers someone else's: "I advise people to try to avoid being around smoking any way that you can," she said.

So, why am I posting this here today? I'm pretty sure that not a lot of FPL readers are cigarette smokers. However, this is a perfect metaphor for something I do often warn my patients about - exposing themselves to toxic low vibrations in others.

Often, when people I work with attain a level of emotional connectedness and freedom, as well as a comparable level of awareness, understanding and mental clarity, they find themselves in a quandary: they discover that some of their old friends and family members, especially those who have dug into a lower level of consciousness, are getting more difficult to relate to and spend time with. They seem like they've turned into Flintstone characters.

I liken this phenomenon to having quit smoking, then trying to go back into a bar full of smokers. Your newly cleared out lungs immediately feel the toxic effects of the smoke. Likewise, after you've done enough self-work to be approaching self-actualization, your newly cleared out consciousness and emotional body immediately feels the effects of a clogged consciousness emitting toxic vibrations and distorted emotions.

In this transitional phase, the entire world, at first, suddenly appears to be crazy and toxic, and so the evolved person often fears that they are going to end up alone with no one to relate to. Let me say this as clearly as possible - that never happens!

No different than clearing out old junk from your closet, you are merely making room, and once the "Law of Attraction" kicks in, you will be filling that closet up with newer things - and relationships - that resonate with your higher vibration.

Anyway, you have no choice, folks. If you are no longer a smoker, you can't go in that bar anymore, and once you've raised your vibration, you can't go down again. So, stay open, trust your Higher Self, and you will find that suddenly smoking in public places is no longer allowed in your reality.

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