That was actually the title of an article on Salon.com this week that talked about how events seem to be sweeping President Obama towards victory in next week's election.

As all FPL readers know, I have been talking and writing about The Wave for a couple of years now, and the phenomenon certainly is intensifying as we head down the home stretch of 2012, isn't it? Hurricane Sandy was just the latest manifestation, and it was a big one collectively, but there have been many less public storms in many people's lives, some wreaking havoc and even death, some bringing new levels of harmony, health and excitement.

As I watched the coverage on TV in the storm's aftermath, and saw our Democratic president and the Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, no supporter of the president, getting so much positive attention for their dedicated, collaborative and timely work to assess the damage and begin the reparation process, I wondered: "Is The Wave coming to sweep Obama up for another term?" Is that our collective's intention?

You see, the difference between the point of view of the Salon article and the understanding written about here on FPL is that the implication in Salon's piece is that it is luck, a confluence of coincidences, some force outside of consciousness and intention that could bring Obama a second term, other than the direct voting process itself, which is much more of an effect than a cause of events.

On this blog, however, we know that consciousness and intention are everything, and so we know that humanity has collectively, even if not every one is aware of it consciously, decided that this moment "in time" is  bringing forth a powerful shift forward in the human experience. This shift amounts to a raising of our vibrational frequency to a 4th dimensional level, a rise that is inevitable and irresistible. The Wave is fully in motion, and like a powerful storm, it will effect everything in its path. For some, this will be experienced as crisis and calamity. For others, it will represent an opportunity for a new beginning. For many, it will be both.

Surf's up, folks!

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