As FPL's TODAY'S QUOTE from yesterday, channeled by Paul Selig, says: 

"When you are attached to what you’ve had, it is very difficult to let things go and go on in a new way. The lesson of the storm is responsibility. How you respond to anything and everything that occurs is your choice."
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The reports are coming in fast and furious. Stories of disasters and miracles, tragedies and triumphs, fear and heroism. People are sharing tales with me of breakthroughs and breakdowns. In either case, I respond by saying: Congratulations! You've arrived to the moment of great transition. Happy 2012!


Yes, that's right. You couldn't be living in a more exciting time if your intention is to embrace change and soar forward to the next place in your evolution.

But people are losing their homes, their belongings, even their lives in some cases. And you say congratulations?!

Look, if you don't get that your existence is an ongoing, eternal journey through and beyond the boundaries of time, one during which you are always the creator of your experiences, individually and, by agreement, collectively, then things are going to seem very unpleasant to you, unfair, tragic even. But if you allow yourself to use these events, any events, as a wake-up call, or as a kind of "shock therapy," and stop calling what happens in your life "luck" (good or bad) or "coincidence," then you will be on your way to becoming a "conscious creator."

Initially, just-waking conscious creators ask of every occurrence: "How and why did I create this?" They are beginning to understand that in the screenplay of our lives, we are the writer, director and main character, and so how the stories play out, the arc of our script, is fully in our hands. 

This is an exercise I often recommend to people I work with - to imagine your life as a movie that you are writing, directing and starring in, and for every situation in each act, ask of yourself: "Now, why did I write that in at that time?" Whether you believe it is true or not, it is a worthy exercise in self-responsibility and self-awareness.

Did your character lose power or gain power during the act? 

Did you lose power or gain power during the storms last week? 

Perhaps in your rewrite, you might say, for example: "My electricity went out for a while, but I discovered my inner power to attract kindness from others, and my ability to let go of things I was attached to and create space for new things."

In other words: "In losing the conventional notion of power, I discovered my true inner power, and from there, I can create a new reality more aligned with who I truly desire to be."

Well, then... Congratulations!

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