This is from the Patheos blog, channeled by Paul Selig:

"When you are attached to what you’ve had, it is very difficult to let things go and go on in a new way. Now we are not telling you all that you have to let go of everything to move forward, but you do have to let go of the attachment to it as your claim of safety.

"You all create the weather you know.  You create the quakes.  You create the changes. You are choosing this time collectively as an embarkation point for a new history. A new history that has come to bring you worth outside of those things you have believed would save you.  You are the savior, you know. But not in the way you may think. You lift yourself and your fellows are lifted by you as you reach the light. When you realize that this is all a creation that you have agreed upon, you can lift yourself above the illusion and decide something new. When you claim your worth in the face of any situation, you create a new possibility, a new opening, a new standing.

"You like to be victims still. If you play victim you remain a victim. If you point the fingers you are still claiming victimhood. The victim blames. The true soul claims his own worth in the face of all experience. The lesson of the storm is responsibility. How you respond to anything and everything that occurs is your choice. If you believe it is not, you are self-deceiving in what is responsibility. If you say 'This is an opportunity for me to know who and what I am in a new way, in a new possibility,' you will lift to a new thinking, a new creation where you are in purpose with your life."

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