The "Higher Side" of the Psychopathic Character Structure

The other day, I posted some aspects of the "Psychopathic Character Structure" on my blog, with a few pictorial examples of some well-known psychopaths. To be fair, I also want to post the "Higher Self" aspects of that structure.

Every character structure is a distortion of the True Self (which I'm using interchangeably with the Higher Self). Every soul is born into a lifetime with specific and unique attributes and qualities, "gifts" that can manifest as their greatest potential for their own growth and development and fulfillment and can facilitate that of others, as well. Because of the emotional and psychological injuries incurred during childhood, we create defenses that distort the expression of our True Self. Those defenses, clustered together, form a "character structure." The character structures will vary according to the nature of the True Self that created it. As I've said to many people, all character structures suck! They constrict us, inhibit us, delude us, damage our bodies and our relationships. All in different ways, but... they all suck!

That being said, all Higher Selves are magnificent, beautiful, creative, loving, imaginative, brilliant, and always throbbing there underneath our defenses waiting for a chance to express if only we would dismantle those old cocoons from childhood and fly.

Here then are the...


- Great leadership and executive qualities and capacities to bring people with differences together in a harmonious effort;
- Strong abilities to guide and inspire others to accomplish their chosen tasks in life and see their own specialness without competitiveness or separation;
- True innovators and adventurers able to travel “the road not taken”, or “to boldly go where no one has gone before”, without recklessness or excess;
- A genuine seeker of truth, with genuine humility, honesty, loyalty and unwavering integrity;
- A truly big heart full of love and fearlessness to surrender to the flow of feelings, life and the Higher Self.

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