To Erica Jong in response to her piece on the Huffington Post today

Erica - I would have been more than happy to vote for Hillary Clinton a year ago, along with several of the original Democratic candidates. But contrary to what you suggest, the real Hillary emerged during this campaign - ego-driven, wantonly prevaricating, if not outright lying, willing to split not just the Democratic Party, but the whole damn country into parsed pieces if necessary for her gain. Senator Clinton, even more than her putative husband, Bill, has sadly shown herself to be maniacally ambitious, even at the cost of her own credibility and career. Barack Obama isn't just "the new kid on the block," he's the closest thing we've had to a genuine leader running for president since I became old enough to vote, and that was quite a few years ago. Come on, Erica, this isn't about genitalia, it's about integrity and honesty. Do you really believe that Hillary would have more grace under the Republican sniper fire just because she is able to unblinkingly pretend she's been under sniper fire?

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