Paul Krugman Needs A Break!

Paul Krugman talks about the so-called racial divide in the country in an absurd piece called: "Thinking About November." He decries said divide, one that has in fact been stirred up and agitated by the Clintons, Limbaughs and Buchanans, with the collusion of a media that has lost all credibility, as if it was somehow Barack Obama's fault! How is that, Paul? You mean by his very existence as a person of color? Or is it that because at every turn, against every attack, he has chosen to stand tall with dignity and integrity, acknowledging his mistakes without prevaricating defensiveness or posturing or outright "Clintonian" lying? Or perhaps because he keeps calling for unity among people of all races, ages, religions and previous party affiliations?

"Mr. Obama appears to have won the nomination with a deep but narrow base consisting of African-Americans and highly educated whites," says Mr. Krugman.

I guess Krugman agrees with Hillary who said this in USA Today:

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition... among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans... whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

Paul Krugman, are you kidding me?! It is the Clintons who have sliced and diced the electorate and highlighted the "whiteness" of a small group of her supporters. Paul, you must need a vacation. Or maybe you need to retire. I don't know. Or at least get an oil change! Your thinking on where things now stand in this Democratic primary marathon is so clogged with inversions of reality that I wonder if you're terrified about your own place in a changing world. I mean, Paul, you can't be much older than me, and I've never been so hopeful and excited about a presidential candidate since I first became able to vote in 1972. And guess what? I'm an older white man, who comes from a working class family, who grew up in a working class neighborhood. I never even saw an African-American individual until I was in my twenties. And everyone I knew was Catholic and went to church on Sunday in my childhood. But I grew up! And came to understand and value diversity. The Clintons have only one religion - ambition - and they, not Barack Obama, have sacrificed the Democratic Party, and their reputation, on that altar.

Working class white people may not be as stupid as the Clintons - and apparently you - think they are, Paul.
Oh, and is Paul Krugman Jack Klugman?

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