The Psychopathic Character Structure

These are some typical traits of a person who has a "psychopathic character structure," a collection of defenses overlying a fragile sense of self whose main purpose is to ward off intense feelings of emptiness, made all the worse by emotional numbness and a lack of empathy. Contrary to the common stereotype, psychopaths come in many shapes and sizes, not just overt criminals or Don Juans. Politicians, CEO's and "heroes" frequently have this structure.

Just thought I'd put it out there to provoke some reflection.

Psychopathic Character Traits:

- The will is powerfully exerted to control others and to control feelings;
- Only what’s in one’s head, only one’s own ideas in the moment, are treated as valid and real;
- Power rather than pleasure is sought from life;
- The mind is the servant of the will in this structure, so reasoning can be dramatically inconsistent, though capable of brilliance; arguing both sides of a situation or mixing lies with truth is common if it suits a manipulative purpose to gain power or be “right”; one’s own lies are often believed; there is also a tendency to poor judgment and an inability to learn from mistakes;
- Pain is numbed, and genuine feelings are denied, but dramatic emotionality and false feelings are acted out to achieve some purpose, like intimidation or seduction;
- Fear of being wrong or of submitting to the will of others is extreme and is powerfully denied;
- Intuitive capacities of the mind are formidable, with very strong abilities to read what is going on inside of other people, although the understanding of the meaning of what is going on is often very distorted.
- Intense fears of being defeated, humiliated, controlled, or used;
- Outer tone of falseness and insincerity, and a lack of integrity are common manifestations.

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

"I don't believe in the no-win scenario."

"Why would I quit now?"

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