Hillary gets it about Baby Souls!

Here's the brilliant Barbara Ehrenreich, in a great piece called, "Hillary's Gift to Women" talking about how Hillary Clinton has set a new ethical low for women in politics.

Ehrenreich :

"Far from being the stereotypical feminist-pacifist of your imagination, the woman to get closest to the Oval Office has promised to 'obliterate' the toddlers of Tehran."

"Toddlers!" Baby Souls. Exactly. See, Hillary gets it (as does Barbara E), and she's taking full advantage of it, as I said in my previous post.

Here's more from Barbara:

"Did we really need another lesson in the female capacity for ruthless aggression? Any illusions I had about the innate moral superiority of women ended four years ago with Abu Ghraib. Recall that three out of the five prison guards prosecuted for the torture and sexual humiliation of prisoners were women. The prison was directed by a woman, Gen. Janis Karpinski, and the top U.S. intelligence officer in Iraq, who also was responsible for reviewing the status of detainees before their release, was Major Gen. Barbara Fast. Not to mention that the U.S. official ultimately responsible for managing the occupation of Iraq at the time was Condoleezza Rice.

"Whatever violent and evil things men can do, women can do too, and if the capacity for cruelty is a criterion for leadership, then Lynndie England should consider following up her stint in the brig with a run for the Senate."

"Biology conditions us in all kinds of ways we might not even be aware of yet. But virtue is always a choice. Hillary Clinton smashed the myth of innate female moral superiority in the worst possible way -- by demonstrating female moral inferiority. We didn't really need her racial innuendos and free-floating bellicosity to establish that women aren't wimps. As a generation of young feminists realizes, the values once thought to be uniquely and genetically female -- such as compassion and an aversion to violence -- can be found in either sex, and sometimes it's a man who best upholds them."

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