Kentucky Derby Horse "Eight Belles" - Hillary Clinton's Pick - Dies On Track

Woah! You think the Universe doesn't speak to us? Hillary's pick in the Kentucky Derby came in second, collapsed with two broken ankles, and had to be put to sleep!
I repeat - Woah!!


KYJurisDoctor said...

The Philly died, just like BILLARY Clinton's campaign will soon do.

Anonymous said...

Can’t we admit the obvious IRONY and the parallels between Obama (Big Brown) and Hillary (Eight Belles)?

1) Hillary will stop at NOTHING to get the nomination, even if it hurts herself and her party....

(A fine filly like Eight Belles will stop at nothing even if she breaks her own legs and dies.)

2) Hillary is madly trying to run with the BOYS in a race she will do ANYTHING it takes to win -- for the power and the glory and to prove she can do it no matter what the injury to herself or others.

(Eight Belles -- fighting an artificial turf and a herd of massive males, tried to win over the huge and powerful Big Brown)

3) Hillary wanted everyone to bet for Eight Belles to win (not to place) and everyone who trusted her lost.

4) The jockey tried to stop Eight Belles but she refused... until he heard a sickening “pop” and it was over.

5) The filly was fatally crippled, so they euthanized her. Will this happen to Hillary's campaign or her potential presidency? She has the will, but does Hillary have the strength to avoid going down at the finish line as well?

6) Was it the “artificial turf” that killed her?

I personally put my money on Big Brown and guess what... I won.

I'm betting on Obama. I don't trust Hillary's bedlamite character.

(This is not about WOMEN running for office -- Feinstein, Thatcher, etc.... it's about Hillary's bedlamite character and lack of soundness needed to finish the race alive and run the free world.)

Quoting Brian, a blogger on ABC:

“The parallels are a little weird and I hate even bringing them up. Big Brown had only had only run three races and people were questioning his experience. Eight Belles was the only filly in the race and comes in second.”

And last, a bit of interesting irony:

The term "Eight bells" can also be a way of saying that a sailor's watch is over, for instance, in his or her obituary. It's a nautical euphemism for "finished", Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. We’re done with Bush 1&2 and we’re done with you. Retire already before you break your front feet off like the blessed filly running for the roses.

Anonymous said...

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