Like Money in the Bank!

A man I know said this to me last night: "I'm enjoying work so much now, it's scary!" Last week, he said this to me: "The clearer I see myself, the clearer I see other people." Two weeks ago, he said this: "It's such a new feeling to have money in the bank!"

This man is in his mid-forties. He decided about a year and a half ago to dig in and do some serious self-work, and it's kicking in. I'm putting this out there, because we all need to hear it. I've been writing about the challenge of challenging "resistance" lately, and how this insidious force generated by our egos to hamper our happiness will fight down to it's dying breath to hold onto its grip on our lives. Only six months ago, the man mentioned above thought he was having a heart attack because his resistance created an intense swell of anxiety to try and stop him from the work he was doing on himself. He almost quit the process. Instead, he took a breath and dug back in and now, he's beginning to have a breakthrough.

I love this. I've been here before with people. "It feels like my heart is melting, like I can love for the first time," a woman exclaimed once at a similar moment in her process. Another woman is soaring in her career, now, after having sold her furniture and her car and slept on people's couches while she hung-in and stayed the course of her self-work.

What I'm saying is that while it's definitely not easy to crack through the barriers of resistance, it's definitely worth it, just as I wrote yesterday that embracing loss in order to be free to love is worth it.

I asked another man a little less than 2 years ago, "What are you willing to do in order to have a happy life?" He answered, "Almost anything." I told him, "Then you're only going to be 'almost' happy." He laughed, but then continued on the same roller coaster that his life had been for another year. Lately, though, he's been digging in, and starting to do whatever it takes to challenge his resistance, and he's starting to experience some "miracles," some serendipitous solutions to problems that the efforts of his ego and self-will weren't solving for him.

Yeah, dig in. Life is on our side, you know? It's not a crap shoot or a coin toss. The Universe we live in is never working against our fulfillment, never thwarting our true desires, and never off duty. We just have to reach out for the love.

Of course, my favorite exclamation that I hear when people are having breakthroughs is the simplest: "This shit works!"

Here's today's meditation:

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