"Everybody's a winner!" What brilliant marketing!

I'm glad to see that past generations are realizing this plight as well. That's not meant as an insult, but I see from your photo that you're an older gentleman.

Millenials are an enigmatic group. Quick learners, technologically savvy, multi-talented, and many are accustomed to being rewarded for nothing in the holy name of the "self esteem" cult. In competitive sports for children, trophies are handed out to everybody. In public schools, even in universities to a certain degree, it's all but impossible to fail a course. The indoctrination that self-esteem is more important than excellence has become a monster, and it's not only parents who are to blame.

What makes me most curious is, will it be the workplace that must adapt to take advantage of the skills of Millenials, or will it be the Millenials who must adjust to the workplace? IMHO, a little compromise on both sides never hurt anybody -- a more laid back professional setting (within reason) tends to improve morale and productivity for everyone, and ensuring that most of the company's workers are content is generally good -- but I think we'll eventually realize as a generation that the self-esteem cult is garbage, and opt for a more moderate and rational world view.

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