I have to agree with most of what Rick said. Especially regarding the idea that Pete does tend to elevate his opinion to the status of "Universal Truth".
There always is more than one way to skin a cat, several ways to go from point "a" to point "b", and numerous ways to solve any problem that exists.
Pete may have some valid points to prove, just as Christianity for example does have some valid moral stances. But as soon as it's "my way or the highway", that's when we get The Crusades. Which, as we know, was a severe contradiction to the peaceful message that Jesus Christ tried to espouse in the first place.
Rick is partially wrong in the assumption that everyone that reads the blog is "drinking the Kool-Aid" though. I for one have been able to sift through the "my way or the highway" tone and have been able to glean the sometimes interesting opinions of the writer. I would like to think that many other readers have also taken this approach and have not taken it too literately. But of course the danger is, (as with religion), it tends to be people of weaker will that do take things literately and do take things totally at face value. I would hope that most of Pete's readers don't fit into that category.
In Pete's plea to have his readers respond, I hope he's not looking for a rebuttal to validate his tact. Or worse: evidence to invalidate Rick's point. Validation (or invalidation for that matter) of the masses, (pun intended), does not necessarily justify the preachers gospel.
Rick is definitely on to something here though. And in a round about way he fortifies my earlier point about relativity. There is no such thing as Right and Wrong (in the absolute sense) in this world. No matter how enlightened you think you may be, and no matter how hard you study humanity, Right and Wrong just like Black and White is simply an illusion and at best a carrot on a stick. Truth with a capital "T" is a fallacy that should be left to the dogma of religion and the ideology of politics.
I do appreciate the opinion, but I, like Rick, also wish that it would be presented more as opinion and less as "Fact".

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