A friend of mine who calls himself a conservative recently suggested to me that we should just leave George Bush alone, now, presumably meaning we should just let him slink out of town and not hold him responsible for the wreckage he presided over. I don't think so. The damage we're talking about wasn't esoteric or symbolic. This administration cost lives. Many lives.

I have written many posts on the insane "abstinence only" crowd and the horrors they have caused among young people. You can read a collection of some of my posts here:

Here's another example.

The CDC just released new data showing that teen birth rates rose in more than half the states in the country in 2006 hitting hardest the South, the region most loyal to Bush and his abstinence-only mission. Meanwhile, the pro-choice, comprehensive sex ed supporting Northeastern states had the lowest teen birth rates. Another CDC study released days ago discovered STDs are on the rise also. Medical experts continually sounded the alarm during the Bush years, warning that the abstinence-only approach would sow the seeds of ignorance in teenagers. Those seeds are finally bearing fruit. In the South, where abstinence-only was promoted as the only safe way to avoid pregnancy and STDs, it has yielded bitter fruit.

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