Here is a thoughtful and genuinely patriotic comment from Rick, who unlike the likes of Rush Limbaugh and others, actually cares about his country more than his own ego:

"When Obama won the election, I read and heard the same kind of nonsense I heard when Bush was elected. Having a desire to see the President of the United States fail just because he wasn't your choice seems unjustifiable to say the least, particularly with the lack of a track record. We all knew he can win an election and move the spirit of a nation. We need to give him time to prove he can govern it. With his momentum, he has what Clinton pissed away, an opportunity to become one of the great presidents.
I lost respect for some "journalists" and commentators who have tried to take Obama down before he's even started. However, I do understand the self-serving need to make such statements. For better or worse, the man who wins is our President and it is incumbent upon us all to see that person succeed.
Given the impact Obama's candidacy had on you, I was pleasantly surprised to read your election eve post, 'Whoever is elected, it is merely a reflection of our current state of consciousness and therefore only another measure of where we are and where we need to go.'
Obama is in and this is where we need to go. I didn't vote for him nor McCain although I like and dislike certain things about each.
I can and will support Obama during this unique and special time in history."

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