Here's Rick:

"I'd like to hear your take on one of your quotes, 'Politeness is the most acceptable form of hypocrisy.' - Ambrose Bierce. A few questions: 1. Do you see any value in being polite? I'm having a very difficult time connecting kindness, respect and care for the common good and anything negative. 2. What is your motivation behind posting this quote? 3. Do you not want us to be polite? If so, what is the expected outcome of such interaction?"

PL's response:

1. The sardonic point made by Ambrose Bierce (best known for his "The Devil's Dictionary," which is where that quote came from) is that we often mistakenly equate politeness with sincerity, and of greater issue is that we often use politeness to mask our own hypocrisy; 2. My motivation for using this quote is to sardonically make the point that I know that I am often not polite is slamming what I see to be others' hypocrisies; 3. While politeness is nice, I prefer rough honesty or "tough love" than politely delivered half-truths or false affection.

It's all good, Rick! We've been getting our asses kicked for so long by the crooks and liars, why can't a few good people kick a little ass, too? Polite?! Not me, not now, not anymore!
Keep 'em coming!

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