I'm going to let L56's response below stand alone without a response from me. At this point, I suggest that anyone who wants to pursue this discussion should reread what's been written so far, and the Truth will out. And of course, feel free to comment.

Here's the unedited loff56:

"PL: "I would rather be accused of arrogance for speaking the Truth than of ignorance for not knowing it."

To be quite blunt, the accusation is specifically that your search for the Truth has led you to believe that the Truth that you have found is applicable to all of us. In turn making our own hard fought search for the Truth (assuming it turns out to be different than yours) irrelevant.

And no one would ever accuse you (or anyone for that matter) of not knowing the truth. (Not making an effort to search for the truth on the other hand is definitely accusation worthy. But you're definitely not shirking your responsibility there, in fact I commend you for your vigorous searching!)

PL: "I am not claiming to be Jesus or Gandhi, boys."

Actually you did. And your point about them saying that they never claimed to be speaking "opinion" but rather spoke just the "Truth" is totally irrelevant. Adolf Hitler never claimed he was speaking opinion either. I don't recall Hitler saying, "In my opinion our race is superior." I'm pretty sure he claimed that as Truth. Sometimes Truth is very right or very wrong. Martin Luther King's Truth was very right, Hitler's Truth was very wrong. The point is that just because you claim the Truth doesn't automatically make it just or universal. History is the only judge of that. But it seems you already conceded this point in the 6th paragraph of your last post.

So, OK, claim to know the "Truth" as much as you want, but understand that it's still subject to judgment. And with that in mind, don't be so quick to dismiss the Truth that others have found through their own hard searching, even, (especially), if it does differ from yours.

I'm just sayin'."

Thanks, L56... I think?

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