Here's DL:

"It seems awfully strange that you do nothing but call conservative republicans all kinds of nasty and terrible things and that all they are concerned about is the rich people in this country. Think about this and see what you can find wrong with the American voting public. Since the end of world war 2, starting with Eisenhower, the American people voted into office Republicans for a total of 36 years, while the American people voted into office democrats for a total of 24 years, and I am not counting Ford or Obama. It seems to me that you think all the people that voted for republicans, including democratic and independent voters are a bunch of nitwits. I don't listen to Limbaugh's radio talk show because I basically think it is a comedy show. But I would put Bill Maher in the same category as Limbaugh, because all he does is blast republicans, just as Limbaugh blasts democrats."


Okay, DL, here's my response: I make a point of talking about what has happened to Republicans post-Eisenhower. I like Ike! He was a Republican who warned about the dangers of embracing the "military-industrial complex," remember? And I'm currently blasting the GOP because they are screaming to be blasted. Again, do a search on my blog. You won't find one piece from me in over 2 years praising democrats. Democrats have been two-faced wimps, who've rolled over and played dead for over thirty years. BUT, I know that the crappy crop of candidates during these years in both parties has been a reflection of our mass consciousness, and the election of Barack Obama shows that enough people have now actually grown up enough to change.

It is Barack Obama and his call for maturity and clarity and adult behavior that I am in support of, and sadly, the Republicans are acting like toddlers who've had their cookies taken away from them.

You get what I'm saying?

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