Here he is:

"You don't have the time to blast democrats because you spend all your time blasting the Republicans. That has to take up an awful lot of your time and energy. Remember, dems and reps are all politicians and they are all the same. They talk big, but do little except stay awake at night and think about how they can spend all our money."


Listen, DL, I'm with you - all politicians are basically the same. I agree, and it's a sad state of affairs. And actually, I have plenty of time to blast Democrats, BUT they are not currently obstructing what President Obama is trying to do, which clearly is good for the country right now. It is the remaining crop of lunatic fringe Republicans who at all costs want to derail the president's efforts for no practical purpose, and mind you, in the process, they're destroying what's left of the Republican Party. Don't distort my position, which is not a position. I am assessing what's happening from a pragmatic perspective. I don't care what anyone's party is. What I care about is what they're doing and what they're saying, and right now, at this point in time, the remaining fringe elements of the Republican Party are seeking to take us all down with them rather than change in a progressive direction. I can't abide that.

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