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"This is my father. Not every point, but most of them. I've been wondering for years what his deal is. This describes him perfectly. I'm kind of gobsmacked, actually.
I'm confused as to what is meant by "HIGHER SELF ASPECTS", though. I've never seen my father exhibit any of those things, not even accidentally.
Also, it's interesting that the description of the parents pretty much describes how my parents treated me, but I don't fit the profile for Psychopathic Character Structure. People do appear to be born with certain tendencies and personality traits, so I must not have whatever it is that leads someone raised that way to develop Psychopathic Character Structure (I became chronically dissociative, instead; took years to fix that)."


Very important questions, Bonni. Here's my short answers for now:

The Higher Self aspects in your father may not be manifested by him because they are so distorted and layered over by his character structure. Our dysfunctions and personality deformations, nonetheless, originate in the pure greatness of our particular soul qualities. Somewhere underneath it all, your father has those aspects.

Likewise, there is more to forming a character structure than just the damage inflicted by our parents and environment. There is, again, our unique soul aspects that we come in with, that are inherent in who we are and who we can be. So, different children will react/defend differently in response to the same emotional injuries and wounds, and form different character structures. That being said, some things can be predicted as outlined in the character structure charts.

Thanks, Bonni!

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