Take a breath and think about this, in case you've been in denial:

Life expectancy is higher in most of Europe than in the United States. Even the people of Cyprus live longer than Americans. Meanwhile, American children are twice as likely to die by the age of 5 as children in Portugal, Spain or Slovenia. And the World Health Organization found that an American woman’s lifetime risk of dying in childbirth is more than three times that of a woman in Greece, Spain or Germany.

Meanwhile, Americans spend $6,800 per person to get these second-rate results, about double what is paid in Canada or much of Europe.

So if our health system is broken, is it really so awful that we increase taxes for the wealthiest Americans to make repairs? In 1980, the top-earning 1 percent of Americans accounted for 8 percent of the total income pie; by 2006, they grabbed nearly 23 percent. Do you think its because those 23% are all more talented than most Americans? Smarter? Just look around - if they were smart, and they really wanted to keep all of their wealth, wouldn't they help make sure that the rest of the country, outside of their personal playgrounds, wasn't falling apart so badly and getting people so pissed off?

Hey, I am all for getting rich because you're talented, smart and have gifts to bear in the world. And I hate paying taxes. BUT I'M NOT STUPID OR GREEDY! Or ultimately, self-destructive.

Get it?

If you're wealthy and you're pissed now that your taxes have to be raised, come out of your denial. It's not because President Obama is a closet "socialist," who wants to destroy our country, like the blathering, bloated idiots of CPAC are bellowing. It's because you have been stupid and greedy.

I'll say it again:

You. Stupid. Greedy.

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