"Anonymous" Responds to Rick's Rip of PL


I really enjoyed reading the latest response by Rick, I thought it was insightful - if just for the fact that he points out the “seemingly incongruous” nature of PL's writings vs. his chosen profession- which would imply some sort of neutrality in these areas regarding labels such as stupidity and the like.

From the perspective of a patient of PL's (for 6 years), I can say that his compassion and “tough love” approach is not altogether incongruous with his writings; he happens to be more consistent then one might imagine. When you are on the receiving end of a therapist who gives his unqualified acceptance and support, it is infinitely easier to digest strong criticism from the same. I understand how an occasional reader would regard these words as provocative. I believe they are intended to be taken as such.

As for Rick's qualified positions on the election, I find there to be great incongruity in what he wrote regarding Senator Barack Obama. He writes “Obama = smoke + mirrors. He is inspiring, eloquent and has the passion to win an election. I think he is a genuinely good person.” But then goes on to say “However, there is nothing in his record that proves the kind of mettle required to run this country.”

Sadly, there seems to be an obvious fact that eludes many Americans here. Why is it that while we have watched Senator Obama, for the last 12 months, run an amazing campaign, stay calm under enormous pressure, stay on message, stay consistent, holding his ground without resorting to lies and deceit in order to gain points, organizing and spear-heading the most successful and financially prosperous campaign in the history of the US, bring together people - democrats, republicans, independents, young and old- from all walks of life - for one common goal, that some can still say he doesn’t have the experience to run this country? Experience is sorely overrated in the country and not always what it's cracked up to be. I have had many teachers in my life and the ones with the “most experience” have too often been the most archaic and ineffectual.
I only wish more people would trust what they are actually experiencing rather than what the have been conditioned to expect.

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