Here's a fun exchange I had today with "Rick" - my valuable ego checker - on my propensity to use the word "truth" to describe what Rick feels are my opinions, or as he suggests, my "one-sided positions."
(By the way, Rick is developing some fans on my blog. Hmmm.)

Here's Rick's first serve:

"Hi Pete,
I know you are a great fan of music so here's a bit of a music trivia quiz. Read on...
I keep reading your blog because you bring up interesting talking points. As I have written before, the heavily slanted tone of the writing requires this reader to have patience enough to wade through the muck and get to your supported points. There is learning to be had when you "out" certain positions on issues for being dishonest. However, extreme positions, even those that are opposite, usually tend to be guilty of the same offense. Whenever I start spouting one-sided positions as truth, without accepting any merit on the other side, my friend always reminds me of a Kansas song. What two lines do you think he sings to me? (I am intentionally not giving you the title of the song because I know how good you are at this.)

PL's return - minutes later:

"And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know." (from "Carry On My Wayward Son")

Rick's parry:

"I thought I might make you sweat a bit, but clearly I'm still playing single A ball! Well done! What do you think of that line??"

PL at the net:

"Well, a true wise man knows what he doesn't know, and doesn't fear acknowledging it, which makes him able to know what he does know and be fearless in acknowledging that."

Good volley, Rick!

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