Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to put this out there to Hillary for a while -

Hillary, I think you would make a great Secretary of State, probably would've been a good-to-great president, too, but for years I've been saying that you have to divorce Bill first.

Your body language together speaks loudly of the lack of love-Eros-and-sex between you, and as far as your ambitions, well, his ego is so inflated, his pride so off the scale, his temper so volatile that he will continue to undermine you in every attempt you make to advance yourself past him as a great political leader in this country.

I'll help you out here by adding him to my '08 Election "Dump List" for you, but you will have to do it yourself if you want to progress.

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bonni said...

This post reminds me of some artwork by Zina Saunders:



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