Barack Obama is a terrorist-sympathizer who identifies with extreme Islamic fundamentalists; he's a radical socialist who wants to take your money and use it to bloat the pockets of government bureaucrats; he wants your children to learn how to have sex in kindergarten and grow up to marry someone of the same sex; oh, and he hates America.

John McCain is a true hero who knows that what's best for America's corporations is what's best for all Americans; he knows that firm, honest diplomacy and dialogue with less enlightened governments is actually a weakness; Sarah Palin knows that women don't know what's best for themselves or their children when it comes to procreation and their bodies; she knows that if you don't kill animals for sport, or if you think that scientists are right when they estimate that the earth is billions of years old, not six thousand, then you are not a real American.

If you or anyone you know believes all of this, OR if you really can't decide who to vote for, then by all means, people and dear readers, vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. But... don't - DO NOT! - tell me that I cannot ask this question on a regular basis: "HOW STUPID ARE WE?!"


P.S. And by the way, LOFF56, the different sides of the abortion issue are not for or against abortions. No one wants to have an abortion. The debate is whether or not women and their doctors should have the right to make the decision about giving birth or not, or whether it should be a crime to make that choice. The "pro-choice" advocates of the debate are at least honest in what they call their side, while the other side uses the misleading "pro-life" slander-by-implication grandiose title for their position.
There really aren't always two valid sides to every issue, nor are there always equally-deserving "teams" in every conflict. Everything is not a matter of opinion. If you're not thinking dualistically, then it can be understood that while we all create our own personal realities, there is such a thing as Reality with a capital "R."

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