"Yesterday we went to a big shopping mall and what do you think we saw? There were armed guards stationed at all the entrances to the mall. They were stopping people who were trying to get in with double and triple SUV strollers. It seems like there was a big protest there from mothers who had single small size strollers. What in the world is happening when mothers (or fathers for that matter) can't go shopping because they can't take their children along. What is this country coming to?"


Here's what's happening, DADLOFF, as regards the upsurge of stroller wars. The generation of Baby Boom and Echo Boom parents (the generations after yours) have taken narcissism in parenting even beyond anything Alice Miller could have imagined in her landmark book on the subject, "THE DRAMA OF THE GIFTED CHILD."

The parents in question, the ones with the SUV-sized strollers and attitude, are basically pampered kids who want what they want, when they want it, and - and here's where it differs from Full Permission Living - they don't care who they inconvenience.

It's not as if there's suddenly a new phenomenon - parents with two or three little kids that have to go shopping - so why is there suddenly a new controversy about this? Because of the supersize me and get-out-of-my-way posture of so many of today's parents who want to not only own the latest, top-of-the-line Maclarens, but they want everyone else to be delighted that they have them.

This isn't an anti-kid attitude afoot here, DL, but perhaps there is an anti-narcississtic parent backlash happening.

And believe me, if people drove their cars the way some parents drive their strollers, they'd lose their licenses!

Thanks, DL!

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