Well, of course, that's the signature line from Star Trek, and it begins with "Space," but really, inner space is the true "final" frontier, but that's another story.

Tomorrow, the newest Star Trek movie opens here in NYC, and I am, as I have always been, very excited and looking forward to seeing the latest installment on opening day.

Why so high on a sci-fi? Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek over forty years ago, truly was a visionary. He envisioned a human race that had largely overcome many of its current social dysfunctions without losing the "edge," as so many people I work with fear, that comes with having an ego. Yes, the ST gang, led by Kirk, Spock and McCoy definitely have egos, and it makes them interesting and vital, as they interact with races throughout the galaxy and known universe. It gives them something internal to overcome rather than just fighting bad guys in space. Even Spock, who once claimed he had no ego to bruise, has to overcome his egotistically reliance on logic ultimately.

Anyway, more to come after I see the film, but in the meantime, it's come to my attention that a filmmaker I know, Scott Colthorp, is making a documentary on Star Trek called, "STAR TREK NATION," with Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry. Check out the trailer on YouTube.

Live long and prosper!

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