Saw it yesterday. Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey, Jr., two of my favorite actors, did their best with what is a horrible script and a bad direction job. What should have been an amazing movie, based on a true story, put me to sleep - and I saw it at 5 in the afternoon!

Foxx plays a schizophrenic man, living on the streets of Los Angeles, who is a musical genius. Downey, Jr., is a cynical newspaper reporter looking for a story who uses Foxx's character to find meaning in his own lonely life. He tries to save the homeless guy by forcing him into an apartment, finding him a violin teacher and insisting that he take medication.

Foxx's character accepts the crib and the lessons, but draws the line at medication. Therein lies the part of the story that interested me. When the homeless savant turns on him for trying to confine and drug him, the reporter learns that all he really ever had to give was his friendship, his presence as a real person, and that no one can really save another adult human being.

I like that. Too bad it was such a weak execution. I bet the book was good.

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