DADLOFF sent in this unbelievable screed last night:

"If you watched CNN tonight, at the end of Lou Dobbs and the beginning of 'No Bias, No Bull,' you would have seen that 87% of the people that called in were in favor of torture. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that CNN is ultra liberal, in favor of all dems and against all reps. A perfect example tonight is when Roland showed at least 20 minutes of Obama and about 2 minutes of Cheney in the debate over the closing of the prison in Cuba. Again, correct me if I am wrong."


Well, since you ask twice to be corrected, DL, you must suspect yourself, eh? (Sorry, but I am a therapist by trade.)

First off, Lou Dobbs and CNN are "ultra liberal?!!?" I guess you must think Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are moderates, that Sean Hannity isn't Lou Costello, and that Glenn Beck is sane! Wow!

Watching Lou Dobbs' blathering, stupifying hate-mongering every evening in itself would be worse than water-boarding. I'm surprised that the full 100% of Dobb's viewers aren't in favor of torture, but enough about the sex lives of old right wingers.

Secondly, you think it's "bias" that the President of the United States, as in PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, got more air time than the snarling, depressed, lunatic FORMER vice president?! This wasn't a debate. Dick's not in government anymore, and when he was, he hid behind the scenes like some evil Wizard of Oz trying to destroy all that was healthy and evolved about America. Nobody respected or liked Dick before he went on this Tourette's tour, which is all about him trying to save his sorry, criminal ass from spending the rest of his life in a Spanish prison.

I don't know what's in the water up there in farm country, DL, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dick Cheney put it there!

I repeat - WHEW!!

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