When I was around 20 years old, my divorced mother began developing symptoms - vertigo, loss of feeling in her limbs, headaches – and so she sought out an established neurologist, one “Dr. Doniger,” for medical help. Dr. D confidently diagnosed my mother as having the early signs of Multiple Sclerosis. Having done my own research (before the internet, so it must have been at an actual library), I asked the doctor if he had ruled out a possible brain tumor. Dripping with condescension, Doniger dismissed me, saying, “You can’t figure this out from reading Reader’s Digest.”

Two years later, my mother died – from the brain tumor.

That experience became a milestone for me, and in my evolving consciousness in the early 1970’s, it dovetailed with one of the simplest of mottos from the era that I resonated with: “Question Authority.” I have ever since, even as I eventually became someone that others looked to as an authority. As a psychotherapist, I took no one’s theories, no matter how great their genius, as gospel. I always studied the greats, but I also experimented myself, and then, ultimately, relied on evidence I could see, combined with intuition I could feel.

The illusion of power is a very addictive drug, folks, and when it is combined with greed, it can become all-encompassing to a weak personality ruled by ego. Because of our current economic debacle, we are highly focused right now on the corruption and abuse caused by power and greed in the financial industries, but as sure as I know my name, an even worse day of reckoning is coming when the horrific malfeasance of the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance industries comes to the fore.

People expect bankers and brokers to be sleazy, as they do politicians and lawyers. But doctors have been so revered as wise healers for so many centuries that it is almost genetically encoded in us to trust their good will. That is most unfortunate. Mainstream medicine is a lost profession, trapped in its own archaic and hubristic dogma, serving up a slash, burn or drug menu to desperate or dimwitted patients who still want to believe in a good and magical daddy who will make them feel better, even though said doctors are utterly controlled by Big Pharma and the AIG’s of the world, who keep them in their Porches and penthouses.

Meanwhile, human beings have disconnected from their natural abilities to sense what is going on in their bodies, and they have come to distrust nature to provide the non-assaultive remedies to our ailments. That is beyond unfortunate. It is tragic.

I haven’t been to a medical doctor for an illness or examination in fifteen years. And I haven’t had medical insurance in 10 years. Is that scary? Only when my childhood and societal conditioning rears up from my subconscious. But I have worked diligently to reconnect with and get to know my body during that time. I am not in perfect shape. No one could easily be so after decades of living in a character structure and enduring the ravages of living in an environment in which we are bombarded daily by the most extraordinary number of toxins. But I do trust in my own ability to know what’s up with me, and to figure out a solution.

Here’s a very simple but illustrative case in point.

Over the past month or so, I’d developed a red rash on my feet. For a while, I just kind of observed it, studied it, allowed my intuition to guide me, tracing associations, thinking about what I might have started doing differently a month ago. Then, I did some research on the internet, and found the typical medical explanations first, ranging from fungus to diabetes, even syphilis! Syphilis?!

Anyway, of course, the recommended treatments were all drug-oriented. For a moment, I imagined the numerous appointments to dermatologists and other specialists, the trial of drugs to be taken internally and applied topically, and of course, the money!

So, I studied the situation further, observed the rash, trusted the answer would come. I noticed that the rash seemed to have a pattern. Hmm… yes, it looked like… the pair of Crocs I bought… about a month ago.


Back on the internet, guess what I found? Numerous articles and postings by people who had developed foot rashes from wearing Crocs. Why? Because Crocs are entirely made from chemicals and petroleum products! That’s how they make those soles so oddly squishy and cushy.

Woah! My Crocs were toxic!

Needless to say, the company won’t release the exact formula of those synthetic, gasoline-based, Son-Of-Flubber soles to people who want the information, but somebody will find out and publish it on the internet, and let the lawsuits begin!

Please, folks, connect with yourself, learn to trust nature, become the adult that you really are. There are no magical good parents out there to take care of you. There's just you and that's a great thing.

Oh, and hey, Dr. Doniger, maybe you should’ve checked out Readers Digest, just to be sure, eh?

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