Here's Pocayenta:

"Great post, PL, you've been on a roll lately! I've been a loyal lurker here for months, enjoying your 'disgruntled, curmudgeonly rants'. I was finally (almost!) moved to comment by your fine take on that yutz with the anorexic daughter: 'PARENTS ARE (STILL) ALWAYS PART OF THE PROBLEM! (EXCEPT FOR LAURA COLLINS LYSTER-MENSH?!)'. I saw that piece on the Huffpo and was stunned by her ignorant, clearly self-serving agenda. Needless to say, I feel for her daughter. I had an eating disorder in days of yore when I was a teen (fully recovered!). Your statement of the problem strikes me as absolutely spot on: 'I intuitively understood that her efforts at self-destruction had a connection to her early relationship with her parents, that she had negated her own need for emotional nourishment in favor of what she perceived to be the emotional needs of her parents, and then translated that self-negation into not even needing physical nourishment.' Your memorial day post re: idealizing our kiddie soldiers was also excellent. Keep up the good work! Cheers from 'Pocayenta' on the Lower East Side."


Thanks a lot, Pocayenta! Love to know the meaning of that name!

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