This is from an article full of painful facts, not fantasy, entitled: "AN INSULT TO SERVICE" by Jayne Lyn Stahl.

FACT: "As of this month, according to the Veterans Administration's own Web site, about one-third of the adult homeless population has been in the armed forces. Current population estimates are that, on any given night, as many as 154,000 veterans, of both genders, are homeless, and possibly twice as many experience homelessness during the year."

FACT: "Soldiers, age 20-24, who served during the 'war on terror,' now have the highest suicide rate of all vets. The suicide rate among Iraq war veterans is egregiously high, and growing."

FACT: "The Bush-Cheney administration roundly rejected expanding benefits under the GI Bill throughout their TWO TERMS!" [Psst... that guy avoided Viet Nam by having strings pulled to get into the National Guard, and then he went AWOL from the National Guard. He also read "My Pet Goat" while 3,000 American civilians were killed on his watch on 9/11/01, and finally, he has overseen the subsequent deaths of over 4,000 more Americans in a war started under false pretenses. But at least he refused to pony up any bucks for the soldiers and their families whose lives were destroyed by his delusional fantasies. And hey, that man loved to wave the flag!]

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