Bonni's Response to Joe Sixpack

"Bonni" left this response to a quote from David Brooks on the whole "Joe Sixpack" in politics notion.

This was Brooks' quote:

"Once conservatives admired Churchill and Lincoln above all — men from wildly different backgrounds who prepared for leadership through constant reading, historical understanding and sophisticated thinking. Now those attributes bow down before the common touch. No American politician plays the class-warfare card as constantly as Palin. Nobody so relentlessly divides the world between the 'normal Joe Sixpack American' and the coastal elite."

Here's Bonni:

"The trend toward 'the stupider and more uneducated the better' really, really disturbs me. I honestly cannot figure out why people think it's better to have an uneducated, clueless, out of touch, or just plain ignorant person in charge of the government than to have an educated one who might actually be able to make intelligent decisions. Who wants 'Joe Sixpack' in the office of the presidency? 'We don't need no book lernin! Edumacation is fer sissies!"

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