I don't know what "Morning Joe" was smelling this morning, but it wasn't the coffee. He was espousing the same old discredited "trickle down economics" con game that has wrecked our economy, not to mention many people's lives, while obscenely enriching some of the most nefarious members of our society.
This time Scarborough was shilling for John McCain and the ubiquitous "Joe the Plumber," the invisible star of last night's final presidential debate. (Hallelujah!)
JTB, it seems, feels really pissed that if he started a business and it made a profit of a quarter of million dollars or more, he'd have to pay taxes. HELLO?! The story goes that Joe would rather fire all of his employees, or close down his business, or move it offshore, than pay those damn taxes.
Hmm... what does this remind you of? The kid in the schoolyard who when you explain the rules of fair play to him, says that he's quitting and taking his ball home with him? Or maybe the Mafia coming to your neighborhood and forcing you to pay them for protection. Protection from who? Them!
Listen, as I've mentioned, before I became a psychotherapist, I was a 4.00 (straight A) undergraduate student with a double major in Economics and Accounting. Yep. It's true. I studied macro and micro economic theory, and was into it. Here's the scoop: Trickle-down economic theory states that increases in the wealth of the rich are good for the middle class and poor because some of such additional wealth will eventually "trickle down" to the middle class and to the poor. The theory states that if the top income earners make even more, they'll invest more into business, equity markets and infrastructure (How are the roads and school in your area, by the way?), which will in turn lead to more jobs for middle class and poor individuals as well as better goods and services at lower prices for the same middle and poor classes. Thus, according to this theory, regulation of the wealth of the wealthy is counterproductive because the enhancement of the lives of the benevolent wealthy will lead to the betterment of all.
In the face of the rampant corruption and scandalous pilfering and back-and-bank-breaking financial crisis we're in due to deregulation (as per the trickle down shell gamers), is anyone, besides Joe the Plumber, Morning Joe and John "Gollum" McCain still naive enough to believe that the greedy and ego-driven blowfish of the world would suddenly become benevolent if just given their way? I'm sorry, but didn't we just try that? How'd it go? More jobs? Yeah, for illegal laborers and kids in China. In the U.S., the unemployment rate is at a 4-year high. Cheap prices? The Consumer Price Index just went up again by close to 10 percent, while real wages have declined. Better goods? How did your kid like the lead-painted toys from China?
C'mon Joe, Joe and John! Get real! Like another John once said: "Just gimme some truth!"

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