Some Morning Pundit Quotes

Bob Herbert:

"For the nitwits who vote for the man or woman they’d most like to have over for dinner, or hang out at a barbecue with, I suggest you take a look at how well your 401(k) is doing, or how easy it will be to meet the mortgage this month, or whether the college fund you’ve been trying to build for your kids is as robust as you’d like it to be."

David Brooks:

"No way to deny it. The current Republican party hates intelligence and competence. It's become a Know Nothing spectacle led by Sarah Palin. I will ignore my own years of neglect of this topic, and instead concentrate on where the GOP is heading. Neither subject, btw, is pretty."

Gail Collins:

"Remember how we used to joke about John McCain looking like an old guy yelling at kids to get off his lawn? It’s only in retrospect that we can see that the keep-off-the-grass period was the McCain campaign’s golden era. Now, he’s beginning to act like one of those movie characters who steals the wrong ring and turns into a troll."

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