Well, certainly, Republicans seem to be getting a good spanking in this election cycle, but a very interesting study I surfed into today, on SLATE.COM, found that Republicans are far more likely to spank their children than Democrats.

Wow! I love that kind of statistic because it can tell us more about people than typical polls.

The biggest "spanking states," not surprisingly are: Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Montana, Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee, and Indiana, basically what remains of Bush-McCain-Palin territory. A stat like this is so good because it doesn't leave room for any spin, you know.

Right wingers hit their kids.

Say it again.

Right wingers hit their kids.

Under the guise of child-rearing, of course, but make no mistake, spanking is child abuse, and totally not necessary. As any of you who know me or read my blog know, I am a big advocate for setting appropriate limits on children's behavior. Limits help children feel safe and also helps them work out of the normal levels of primary narcissism from early childhood. But an adult's authority rests solely in the adult's status as... an adult! Children innately, genetically are prone to respect an adult's authority. I've raised three kids and never had to use any kind of physical force to enforce limits. Why would I? I'm an adult. I'm comfortably, and lovingly, in charge. And that's how the kids want it.
"Spanking" - let's call it what it is: physical violence - is what happens when an adult loses control, not what is required when a child is out of control.

Anyway, I thought this was a beauty.

And by the way, speaking of spanking, why do you think so many of the boys on the right are hot for this lady?!

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