"It takes a heroic act of unconsciousness not to notice so profound a thing as drug addiction in one's partner."

THE ABOVE QUOTE is from a very interesting, I would say MUST READ, article entitled, "Relationship Politics: Body Language Of The McCain Marriage," by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, authors of numerous books, including "CONSCIOUS LOVING."

As an expert on the language of the body, I have been saying throughout this election campaign that Barack Obama is my presidential candidate of choice because of what I see in his consistently grounded, confident, yet flexible and supple body language, coupled with a keen intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, visible in his eyes. I've also written about the great value, unique in political marriages, of the obvious Eros between Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Meanwhile, in the McCain marriage, there is a painfully obvious absence of any genuine attraction or heart-to-heart connection, and in the senator's body language, there is festering rage, paranoia and rigidity. This is a recipe for disaster in a leader.

Here are the Hendricks on the McCains:

"After the last presidential debate we had many requests to give our interpretation of the awkward "hug moment" at the end. From a body language perspective, the moment revealed a great deal about the McCain marriage. Take note of the perfunctory hug, stiffness and lack of contact between the McCains, and compare those bits of body-talk with the way Michelle and Barack Obama greeted each other with smiles and a long hug. They were still hugging when John McCain tried awkwardly to connect with Mrs. Obama. The McCain hug looked as stiff as a puppet show, while the Obama hug looked as natural and graceful as a ballet."

Check out the rest of the article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kathlyn-and-gay-hendricks/relationship-politics-bod_b_137042.html

You can reference my article, "A VOTE FOR EROS," in which I said this: "For me and my wife, it's going to be easy, ultimately, because we have one foolproof method for assessing the best potential candidate to lead this nation. We're voting for the one who looks like they're having the healthiest sex life! Yep. We watch every debate, and a lot of news programs, and if you look carefully, you can see who is experiencing Eros on a regular basis, and I can assure you, that person will not precipitously get us into a war, or belligerently alienate the rest of the world or allow vast portions of our citizenry to live in poverty or without a decent, living wage or home environment or a meaningful education. Think about it. No one who has ever had a mind-blowing, soul-quenching orgasm with someone they're in love with has ever followed that up with an impulse to invade a country or steal someone's pension fund or dump some toxic waste in a nearby river. Right? Freud said it a century ago, and many enlightened spiritual teachers said it before him, and some have said it since - the greatest cause of most social ills in the world is sexual repression."

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