Here's John McCain in the recent past talking about Colin Powell, who McCain considered for his vice-presidential nominee only last spring:

"Colin Powell is a man who I admire as much as any man in the world, any person in the world. He is a man of proven ability, of abiding patriotism, and superior character. I am as proud to call Colin Powell a Republican as I have always been to call him my friend. His is a sterling record of service, and his detractors should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to dissuade a Powell candidacy by attacking his good name. I would like to think that there is more room in the Republican Party for Colin Powell than there is for those who substitute character assassination for political debate."

Here's the McCain campaign today:

"Look, I doubt if Colin Powell is equipped to do a whole lot of political prognostication. What his views are on the political scene are completely up to him."

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