Strong Responses IN FAVOR OF Spanking!

One Reader writes:

"Light spanking is not considered child abuse in this country. That's great that you were able to raise your children without ever giving a spanking, but not everyone's children respond to the same thing. Its also horribly ignorant to suggest that any adult spanking a child has lost control, not to mention that many cultures consider light spanking a norm for child discipline. I am not saying that I spank my kids, which I don't, but as much as you hate republicans you should try not to be like them by spewing out ignorance."

Another writes:

"Spanking is, in fact, not child abuse. Go look it up."

PL's Response:

There are many things that are legally allowed or socially accepted in our culture and others, as preventing women and African-Americans from voting once was here, but that doesn't make them sane and healthy responses. Spanking is hitting and hitting is physical violence and it is nothing more than a demonstration to a child that brute force is a reasonable way to try and control another human being, especially one who is powerless to stop you. Maybe your angry response is a reflection of your own guilt, folks.

Finally, as far as my needing to "Go look it up," I always do. I never speak about these topics in a vacuum. Perhaps you might want to look up this short article on the subject, "To Spank or Not to Spank?" by Elizabeth Pantley, a Parenting Educator and author on the subject.

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