Here's LOFF56:

Yeah, you've completely lost me on this one PL.

Sunday's post about "The World's Most Unusual Therapist" was very fascinating, and I'm totally getting where you're going with that. I totally get that whole, work on yourself to make other people better. It makes a lot of sense even on a basic biological/social level. If you make yourself stronger physically, then the whole tribe benefits from your abilities. But I can't help thinking that Dr. Len's ultimate example of "riding the wave", as it were, is pretty antithetical to your "ass kicking" methodology that you've talked about many, many times on this blog. Haven't you argued that "kicking ass", as it were, was a means for people to find the truth about themselves in a not-so-sugar-coated way so that they can be empowered to help themselves? I'm a bit lost as to how both philosophies can co-exist. In Dr. Len's methodology "ass kicking" wasn't really on the agenda. In fact, from what you posted, it looks like he didn't even talk to his patients, or even talk about his patients, or was ever even in the same room with them. They would have no idea in the physical 3 dimensional world what he thought of them or maybe even that he even existed!

It appears to me as though both methods are in contradiction with each other. Is there a compromise here? Does one ultimately trump the other? Are you now subscribing to Dr. Len's methodology and therefore resigning yourself to the fact that your past "ass kickings" were all just for "fun"? Or is there still something to be said for a good "ass kicking" that perhaps Dr. Len just doesn't get?

I hope I'm not oversimplifying things, but I also hope you can see my confusion.

Here's PL:

I love the fact that you give yourself - and everyone else - the gift of reflecting deeply on things, L56. Thank you!

Yes, what I was trying to say in one sense is that 4D does indeed "trump" 3D, but going 3D in response to 3D is, or can be, "fun." What I actually said was that "commenting on this physical/linear level of creation from a physical/linear perspective" is "an interesting, and I must admit, stimulating exercise."

Perhaps another way of saying this is that healing oneself as the method to heal others is the most powerful and efficient way to go about healing - the 4th Dimensional approach. Does that invalidate the 3-dimensional approaches, including "kicking ass?" Only if you're thinking three-dimensionally!

We are in the process collectively of evolving from a three-dimensional, linear perspective to a non-linear multi-dimensional perspective, but that doesn't mean that the experiment in 3D was "wrong" or invalid. It was that experiment, that experience. Now, we're sort of at a been there, done that place with hard-core dualistic thinking, so we're shifting.

Very stimulating, eh?

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Anonymous said...


I guess then, what I'm asking is more on a personal level for you, Peter Loffredo. Given what you've learned writing this Blog, (and I do believe that blog writing is more about expressing what we are currently learning than what we already know), would your first line of attack (for lack of a better phrase) when trying to heal an individual or a group be more akin to Dr. Len's approach, this 4D approach as you're calling it? Or would you assess the situation and deal with it on a 3D or 4D basis depending on what you deemed to have the most efficacy? Given that you're suggesting that 4D trumps 3D, why would you ever go back to solving a problem in a 3D kind of way? To use another simplistic analogy, if the goal is to drive a nail, and you're given a choice between a hammer and a rock to do the job, why would you ever choose the rock? Only if the hammer wasn't an option would you try to use the rock, right? But it seems, for you at least, that the proverbial hammer is now always an option.

OK, let me be more blunt about the question. Given what you now know about the efficacy of this 4D approach, would you ever go back to "kicking ass"? And I realize that this is a very linear question, so I'm hoping you can step back for a second to answer it in a very linear "yes" or "no" fashion. Lol


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