Readers of this blog must wonder at times where I'm coming from.

On the same page, I can be talking about how we create our reality from within, no exceptions, we are all one and love is the essence of All That Is, and then scroll down and I'm calling the Pope and Mel Gibson crazy or ranting about the Park Slope Stepford Parents or listing lengthy and complex stages of healing in therapy.

What gives, PL?

Well, I'm glad you asked. I am indeed coming from more than one place on this blog.

At once, I am attempting to impart what I have discovered as spiritual truths about the nature of reality, truths that operate beyond three-dimensional existence, but incorporate 3-D, while simultaneously commenting on this physical/linear level of creation from a physical/linear perspective. It is an interesting, and I must admit, stimulating exercise.

I know that to heal the Pope in Rome, I have to heal the Pope in me that I've created. But it is kind of fun to lambaste and chastise the pontiffs whose dictates I felt tortured by in childhood every time I got angry or horny. Of course, now I know that I created those Popes, too, but nonetheless, the limitations of this game create challenges that I have clearly wanted to take on, so I pretended that Popes were outside of my creative abilities growing up.

Woah, what the heck are you talking about PL?!

What I'm saying, folks, is that it's all a game down here in 3-D physical reality on planet Earth, a game with rules that we made up and agreed to abide by... until we don't agree anymore. Since I've been writing screenplays and TV episodes, I've come to realize that the process of creating reality is exactly the same as the process of writing a movie. We choose the settings, the characters, the story lines and the timing of events, all in a somewhat structured, yet still very improvisational way. It really is fun... if you let it be, even if what you're writing is melodrama or horror.

Ahh... I hear the protests: "Suffering isn't fun, PL. And neither are war or poverty or racism or violence or oil spills!"

Well, first of all, to many individuals, being a warrior is very exciting, and ennobling poverty, or greed for that matter, are common approaches to life that people take pride in, and so on. Also, for a lot of other people, fighting against war and poverty and oil spills is a stimulating game that elevates their perceived sense of self.

That being said, however, we may be coming to a time when those games have been played-out for a majority of human beings, a time when we do in fact put an end to war and poverty because they're just not interesting story-lines anymore. "Boring. Been there, done that. Let's try experiencing alignment with unconditional love and oneness again, outside of the illusion of a space-time continuum."

It seems that many of us on Earth are ready to shift the game in that direction, into Fourth-Dimensional Reality, with the help of The Wave.

But don't mistakenly think that life on Earth is something to escape. It's not. We're here to experience being here, and ultimately to experience what unconditional love expresses itself like in three dimensions. It can be quite exquisitely pleasurable in its own very unique way once we really master the game.

You know, just before you reach the top of a mountain you've been climbing, the pain in your legs and the exhaustion may seem overwhelming, but if you continue on, the exhilaration from the view at the top of the mountain will be equally overwhelming in a joyful, awe-inspiring way. And maybe at that moment, it will all seem worth it.

Hey! Good game!!

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loff56 said...

Yeah, you've completely lost me on this one PL.

Sunday's post about "The World's Most Unusual Therapist" was very fascinating, and I'm totally getting where you're going with that. I totally get that whole, work on yourself to make other people better. It makes a lot of sense even on a basic biological/social level. If you make yourself stronger physically, then the whole tribe benefits from your abilities. But I can't help thinking that Dr. Len's ultimate example of "riding the wave", as it were, is pretty antithetical to your "ass kicking" methodology that you've talked about many, many times on this blog. Haven't you argued that "kicking ass", as it were, was a means for people to find the truth about themselves in a not-so-sugar-coated way so that they can be empowered to help themselves? I'm a bit lost as to how both philosophies can co-exist. In Dr. Len's methodology "ass kicking" wasn't really on the agenda. In fact, from what you posted, it looks like he didn't even talk to his patients, or even talk about his patients, or was ever even in the same room with them. They would have no idea in the physical 3 dimensional world what he thought of them or maybe even that he even existed!

It appears to me as though both methods are in contradiction with each other. Is there a compromise here? Does one ultimately trump the other? Are you now subscribing to Dr. Len's methodology and therefore resigning yourself to the fact that your past "ass kickings" were all just for "fun"? Or is there still something to be said for a good "ass kicking" that perhaps Dr. Len just doesn't get?

I hope I'm not oversimplifying things, but I also hope you can see my confusion.


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