Here's Maurice:

In theory, I agree w ur concept.. HOWEVER, I watched ann incredible film w Denzel W., " The Book of Eli ", which makes the point that Man's basic nature is violent, destructive, hostile, and hating..and , in the end.. MUST HAVE some SOURCE G-d like...which
serves mankind as GUIDE..for sociall order..interested n your comments

Here's PL:

Thanks for your comment, Maurice. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Denzel movie, too.

Regarding the idea that man's essential nature is destructive, etc., a common mistake is to confuse our "first nature" with our "second nature." As I say on this blog, and it is certainly not an original thought, our first nature is rooted in love and oneness. Our second nature is rooted in the dualistic experiment that includes negativity. That being said, nothing is separate from "Source," from God, from All That Is, and that includes all that we refer to as the dark side.

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