"There you go again!" as Ronald Reagan famously said only months earlier in the debate with Jimmy Carter that led to his election. Yep. We're back in the summer of 1981, and our gang of misfit warriors are taking a break from the cut-throat Gramercy Park Softball League for July 4th by having a team picnic and co-ed softball game at the notorious "Field 6" of Riis Park in Queens.

Frank Cello, Jennie Silverman, G.C., Larry, Bird, Rick, Sam, Eli, Jeffrey, and of course, the hot City Rock women, all played by a brilliant ensemble cast of New York actors, will be on stage for the sixth performance of the season, Episode 6: "The Picnic," at Shetler Studios TONIGHT, July 28 at 7 PM.

And as always in these gritty New-York tales, it won't be all fun and games. Frank and Jennie must try to rescue a pregnant 14-year old runaway from a life on the seedy streets of Times Square, and from her astoundingly dysfunctional parents. Along with our heros and recurring stars, this episode's featured guest characters will indeed be remembered for years to come.

Oh, and then there's the smoking soundtrack of 80's music! This month's episode features: Todd Rundgren, Smokey Robinson, Ricki Lee Jones, Quincy Jones, The Pointer Sisters, Joan Jett, Manhattan Transfer, Tom Petty and more!

Come and join us once again for the latest presentation of a series that will change the way you watch television. CITY ROCK is live!

For more information, go HERE. And check out the City Rock Youtube video HERE:

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