This is something I wrote this morning in response to a debate over which NYC park was better - Central Park or Prospect Park.

Here's PL:

Over my 6 years of living in Park Slope, and writing on this blog, and before that on the Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn blog, I have been very critical of this enclave of sexless, stroller-jockeying Stepford Parents, and the narcissistic, non-empathic kids they are breeding. So, naturally, people have often not so subtly suggested that if I didn't like it, I shouldn't live here, somewhat with the same tone that George Bush said "You're either with us or with the terrorists."

So, since it's obviously not the people in PS keeping me in this part of New York City, why do I live here?

Yep. It's Prospect Park!

I lived right near Central Park for 25 years, and used the park regularly, and there is no comparison. Prospect Park is a pristine paradise compared to Central Park. The lushness of it even elevates and freshens the air in the surrounding streets.

And the lack of tourists? Well, Jim Rasenberger must be the only New Yorker who thinks that is a drawback. His reasons for preferring CP basically seem to come down to that more people go there and it's more famous. Well, maybe that's because it's in Manhattan, and because it's more like an amusement park than a landscaping masterpiece.
Yes, I must agree with everything Elizabeth Giddens says, including her observation on God's practice run with men before he made his masterpiece - women.

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Wendy said...

I LOVE your Blog!!! I was just blog hopping and searching for content that was even remotely conducive to my own. :-) I found it!

I love your Mel Gibson post, too.... so very true about energy. I'll be following you!


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